Maui Wind Turbines
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Maui Wind Turbines

The numbers make a lot of sense to go wind!



Costs, rates and incentives vary state to state. Please contact us for a quote at your location. This is an example of an installation on Maui where costs are higher.

Tax incentives

Just recently the available tax credits have become very generous. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, was passed which included a new federal-level investment tax credit for qualified small wind turbines. That bill was improved upon with the 2009 Stimulus Package, which removed “cost caps.” This means you can receive a federal tax credit for 30% of Skystream’s installed costs (after any state incentives).

A Hawaii State tax credit is available for 20% of installed price ($1,500 cap). Together the federal and state tax credits equal $7,050 (based on a $20,000 install).



With Hawaiian electrical rates of $.42 kWh (Oct 08), Skystream’s payback, or the time it takes to recover the cost of the wind generator is only 6.4 years. After that period, the unit will generate free electricity for the next 14 years or longer. If the electricity rates increase, as they have historically, the payback will be realized sooner.

ROI – Return on Investment

The return on investment (ROI) is 10.5%. When electricity rates increase then the ROI will also increase. This is an amazing return on investment for a home improvement.

Maui Wind Turbines

Take advantage of the new tax incentives.

Residential Pricing - Maui

Skystream $20,000
State and Federal tax credits -$7,050
Actual price after tax credits $12,950
Skystream on a 45’ tower add $1,000

Complete Turn-Key Price

This is a complete project price which includes: Skystream 3.7 Marine version, 34' Mono tower, shipping from mainland, wireless controller, wiring, disconnect switch, architect review and stamp fee, electrician fee, building permit costs, electrical permit costs, excavation, foundation costs, and installation.
Note: Consumer is responsible to apply for personal tax credits.


If a number of people (5) within the same area order at the same time we are able to offer additional savings. Due to substantial foundation costs, the overall cost of each windmill may be reduced if multiple sites are excavated and foundations constructed at the same time. Shipping costs may also be reduced if multiple units are shipped together. We are happy to pass along these savings directly to our customers. So, talk to your neighbors!

Prices based on an installation in Maui, Hawaii - prices for other locations will be adjusted accordingly.
Prices do not include sales tax.
Prices will be adjusted in the future.
Prices do not include extra costs for unexpected excavation challenges or trenching over 100’.

Award Winning Technology

Maui Wind Turbines

Skystream 3.7™ was named a 2007 Top 10 Green Building Product by Sustainable Industries, a magazine for green business leaders. Skystream 3.7™ was also awarded a 2006 Best of What’s New award from the editors of Popular Science and was included in TIME magazine’s 2006 Best Inventions.  read more accolades


Windward ...
"I like the way my turbines look, I like that I am doing something proactive to reduce my electric cost, and I like most of all that in my own small way I am doing my part reducing the use of fossil fuels." - Mike from Texas

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